Stephen - The American    

has been working in the sports & fitness industry for 20+ years.  Stephen
works with all demographics but focuses on coaching/training high
school and college athletes on how to properly push and train themselves
physically and mentally.  A long time ago, in a far away land, Stephen
started his career working as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach
at the collegiate level. He is a member of the NSCA and the ACSM and
earned his B.S. focusing in exercise physiology, sports psychology
and adult fitnessHe continued his education by earning a Master's in
Sports Management.  Prior to opening Down Under with Sam (The Aussie),
Stephen worked for NLS, SMG/THG, TSI, Synergy Sports, as well as a trainer on the Discovery Channel show, "Buff Brides."  He earned a couple of black belts - but his days of being a ninja are over.  When Stephen is not training he designs and installs private gyms, trail runs, works in his workshop, and occasionally jumps out of planes and off fixed objects: 321-CYA.  "Succeeding in sports and in life requires: discipline, determination, confidence, desire, passion, sacrifice and the will to learn - never forget it." DREAM – PLAN – TRAIN – COMPETE – SUCCEED – REPEAT  #GetYourGymOn   BUT NEVER stop having fun!

Samantha - The Aussie

has been professionally involved in the fitness industry for 20 years. Australian born,
she now resides in the USA where she earned certifications through the International
Sports Science Association and National Exercise Trainers Association.  Sam enjoys the
challenges of keeping up with the latest training techniques and sharing them with others.
Her philosophy is the right kind of workouts will have people seeing results and coming
back for more. Her special interest lies in understanding nutritional physiology as it relates
to what we are eating and how we are feeling and performing. Sam’s goal is to help
others incorporate exercise & nutritional balance into their lifestyle so they feel, function
and perform optimally. Recently she decided to share her passion and desire to help as
many people as possible. As a result and along with her fiance' and business partner
Stephen, they opened up the “Down Under Sports and Fitness” facility where they
promote a realistic and enthusiastic approach to fitness and nutrition. As a personal
trainer, Sam believes a fitness professional’s responsibility is to educate people and
help them understand why they are having success or not when it comes to exercise
and nutrition. Their wellness can very much depend on it.

Rachel grew up in a small lobster-fishing town in Maine where her family mostly lived
off from their own land growing fruits and vegetables. Living a healthy lifestyle has always
been a component in her life and developed her passion to help individuals to also live a
healthy lifestyle.

From a very young age sports and athletics were a part of her life. She played soccer,

basketball, softball, and tennis.  Soccer was always the sport she was most passionate about.  
Rachel played on travel teams all year long and on the Maine Olympic Development team and
went on to play 4 years at the collegiate level. Athletics taught her discipline, sportsmanship,
time management, and teamwork, among many other things.

When it came to picking a major in college, Rachel always knew that it would be in the health field; therefore, she landed on Exercise Science at Wesley College in Dover, DE. After college, she has furthered her education by achieving her Personal Training Certification from the American College of Sports Medicine to help others achieve their goals and to become healthy and physically fit. 

Diane has been involved in fitness for over 25 years and is certified by the Aerobics and
Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  In addition to yoga, her repertoire includes Step,
Indoor Cycling, Cardio & Tone, Tabata, TRX, and Circuit classes in Lehigh and Berks
Counties. She has also worked with senior citizens in a class she developed for Parkland
School District called Forever Fit and recently completed a course for the active aging
population entitled, I am Ageless Now. Diane has designed and implemented fitness
programsfor elementary and at- risk middle school students. In addition, she has coached
Girls on Track and has competed in several sprint Triathlons.

Diane’s yoga classes are a fusion-style; incorporating Hatha principals and blending balance, strength and flexibility. She believes that yoga is for everyone and that having choices leads to success.  The classes are appropriate for all levels from beginners to advanced participants starting with her signature peppermint/eucalyptus aromatherapy and ending with guided meditation. When she’s not leading a class, Diane can be found skiing, biking, swimming, hiking or playing pickleball.  NAMASTE..




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