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Personal training


  • Monthly Training Programs - #1 Program at Down Under
    • Serious about training - choose how often you would like to train and our team will work with you one-on-one and create custom workout programs tailored for your needs.  Contact us to setup a free consultation.
  • Single Sessions
  • 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions)​
  • Depending on the type of training program you’re involved in, an hour training session may not be a good fit for you. Perhaps you’re new to personal training and would like to ease into your training program or you are a seasoned athlete and you understand that with the right program and instructor, a quality workout can be completed in 30 minutes.



APRIL 2022



MON - FRI:  4am - 10pm
SAT - SUN:   7am - 7pm
MON - FRI:  7am - 7pm
SAT - SUN:   9am - 1pm

Small Group Personal Training

The best investment you & friends can make in yourselves!

Have more fun while shaping up with friends. The buddy system is good for a lot of things, including a workout routine. Consider our 2-Fit, 3-Fit, 4-Fit packages developed to save you $’s off the standard cost of a single session. Small group training is effective, affordable and personal. This buddy system concept is perfect if you prefer working out with a friends who have similar goals. Training is progressive so each week you build on what you did the week before. Groups are limited to four people so there’s plenty of individual attention to go around. What a great way to keep in shape and keep motivated with those closest to you.

  • “2-Fit” Package

  • “3-Fit” Package

  • “4-Fit” Package

Individual Personal Training

Need a little one-on-one attention, someone to keep you on track or a challenging routine to keep your workouts fresh?

No matter what you need, we've got plenty of qualified and motivated Personal Trainers who are ready to work with you. Talk to us to learn more about personal training and to schedule an appointment.

Purchase single 1-hour or 30-minute sessions or save when you buy from our below menu of multi-session packs.

Never worked with a Personal Trainer before? Our introductory personal training package called Try Pack, may be a good place to start. You'll get three introductory sessions for one low price. More information below.

Try Pack $99

If you’re serious about getting results, then we can’t recommend Try Pack highly enough. In three fun starter sessions, you’ll be introduced to the world of Personal Training. We believe in this product so much, that for a limited-time only we’re offering it to our members for just $99. First time personal training clients/members.

  • ​You’ll discuss your fitness goals

  • You’ll find your core, learn your strengths and weaknesses and start working toward building the new you.

  • Your Personal Trainer will show you a variety of new exercises

  • You’ll discover how to get the most out of each visit

  • You’ll be challenged with a total body workout

  • You’ll feel confident knowing you’re working out smart