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Personal Training

8Stephen - The American    

has been working in the sports & fitness industry for 20 years. He is a
member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the American
College of Sports Medicine. He earned a B.S. focusing on Exercise Physiology,
Sports Psychology and Adult Fitness. He continued his education by earning a
M.Ed. in Sports Management & Physical Education. Stephen played football at
the collegiate level and earned a black belt in both TaeKwonDo & Combat Jujitsu.
Prior to starting Down Under, Stephen founded Next Level Sports: camps focused
on speed, power and agility development as well as marketing collegiate bound
athletes to NCAA universities and colleges. He has worked for various sports and
fitness companies, including SMG/THG, TSI, Synergy Sports, and as a
University Strength & Conditioning Coach. He also had the privilege to work as a trainer on Discovery Channel’s reality show, “Buff Brides."  Stephen has worked with all demographics but his primary focus is athletes.  “If you possess the passion, will, motivation and desire to make yourself better, I will teach you how to mold your athletic ability, inside and out. Remember, succeeding in sports and in life requires: discipline, determination, confidence, desire, passion, sacrifice and a will to learn. Never forget it.

Samantha - The Aussie

has been professionally involved in the fitness industry for 15 years. Australian born,
she now resides in the USA where she earned certifications through the International
Sports Science Association and National Exercise Trainers Association.  Sam enjoys the
challenges of keeping up with the latest training techniques and sharing them with others.
Her philosophy is the right kind of workouts will have people seeing results and coming
back for more. Her special interest lies in understanding nutritional physiology as it relates
to what we are eating and how we are feeling and performing. Sam’s goal is to help
others incorporate exercise & nutritional balance into their lifestyle so they feel, function
and perform optimally. Recently she decided to share her passion and desire to help as
many people as possible. As a result and along with her fiance' and business partner
Stephen, they opened up the “Down Under Sports and Fitness” facility located within the
VF Outlets where they promote a realistic and enthusiastic approach to fitness and
nutrition.  As a personal trainer, Sam believes a fitness professional’s responsibility is to
educate people and help them understand why they are having success or not when it
comes to exercise and nutrition. Their wellness can very much depend on it


Ashlee has been certified as a personal trainer with the NCSF since 2011. 
She also earned her International Sports Science Association certification. She works out
daily and enjoys being able to share her passion while trainingothers. Ashlee loves to think
up “fun, out-of-the-box” exercises that keep the client interestedand the muscles guessing.
Most of her creative workouts involve thinking so the client remains entertained and
focused the entire session.While not training others, she is preparing forobstacle course
races and has even qualified for OCR World Championships. Ashlee lunges, duck walks,
and frog hops while out hiking with her husky. She loves incorporating fitness into her
everyday activities and being able to help pass that motivation onto the public.