Stephen - The American    

has been working in the sports & fitness industry for over 15 years. He is a
member of theNational Strength & Conditioning Association and the American
College of Sports Medicine. He earned a B.S. focusing on Exercise Physiology,
Sports Psychology and Adult Fitness. He continued his education by earning a
M.Ed. in Sports Management & Physical Education. Stephen played football at
the collegiate level, earned a black belt in both TaeKwonDo & Combat Jujitsu,
skydives, BASE jumps and is an ultra-trail runner. Prior to starting
Down Under, Stephen founded Next Level Sports: camps focused on speed,
power and agility development as well as marketing collegiate bound athletes
to NCAA universities and colleges. He has worked for various sports and
fitness companies, including SMG/THG, TSI, Synergy Sports, and as a
University Strength & Conditioning Coach. He also had the privilege to work as a trainer on Discovery Channel’s reality show, “Buff Brides."Stephen has worked with all demographics but his primary focus is athletes. He makes an athlete a super athlete by applying physical and psychological training methods. “If you possess the passion, will, motivation and desire to make yourself better, I have the tools to fine tune and mold your athletic ability, inside and out. Remember, succeeding in sports and in life requires: discipline, determination, confidence, desire, passion, sacrifice and a will to learn. Never forget it. DREAM – PLAN – TRAIN – COMPETE – SUCCEED – REPEAT…”

Samantha - The Aussie

has been professionally involved in the fitness industry for over 13 years. Australian born,
she now resides in the USA where she earned certifications through the International
Sports Science Association and National Exercise Trainers Association.Sam enjoys the
challenges of keeping up with the latest training techniques and sharing them with others.
Her philosophy is the right kind of workouts will have people seeing results and coming
back for more. Her special interest lies in understanding nutritional physiology as it relates
to what we are eating and how we are feeling and performing. Sam’s goal is to help
others incorporate exercise & nutritional balance into their lifestyle so they feel, function
and perform optimally. Recently she decided to share her passion and desire to help as
many people as possible. As a result and along with her fiance' and business partner
Stephen, they opened up the “Down Under Sports and Fitness” facility located within the
VF Outlets where they promote a realistic and enthusiastic approach to fitness and
nutrition.  As a personal trainer, Sam believes a fitness professional’s responsibility is to
educate people and help them understand why they are having success or not when it
comes to exercise and nutrition. Their wellness can very much depend on it


Ashlee has been certified as a personal trainer with the NCSF since 2011.  Now in August of
2014, she completed her International Sports Science Association exam to earn another
certification. She works out daily and enjoys being able to share her passion while training
others. Ashlee loves to think up “fun, out-of-the-box” exercises that keep the client interested
and the muscles guessing. Most of her creative workouts involve thinking so the client remains
entertained and focused the entire session.While not training others, she is preparing for
obstacle course races and has even qualified for OCR World Championships. Ashlee lunges,
duck walks, and frog hops while out hiking with her husky. She loves incorporating fitness into
her everyday activities and being able to help pass that motivation onto the public.


In high school he trained for and competed in state and national power lifting competitions.
After graduating from Penn State University Tony became an avid runner and mountain
biker;completing many long distance events. Tony has numerous racing achievements;
qualifying for and running the Boston marathon, completing many ultra marathons-including
several 50 mile distances, and many adventure racing accomplishments.Tony is certified by
the ISSA. In 2005 he received his certification for Massage therapy. In 2008 he received his
certification for MAT™ "Muscle Activation Techniques". MAT™ is designed to restore balance
and enhance function in the human body. In addition to the MAT™ internship, Tony has
completed the MAT™ jump start program, "Resistance Training Specialist" program, as well
as a course in pro-active postural restructuring. Four years ago Tony shifted away from the
popular "no pain, no gain" philosophy and now focuses on longevity and regaining the
muscle function of a youthful body. With the aging process, it becomes clear that the body's
characteristic structure is perhaps the single most important factor that affects one's
overall health and well being. Tony has dedicated his work to achieving results with his
clients that keeps their bodies functional and pain free at any age. Tony also lives by this
technique and his motto with clients is "stay in the game" and approach fitness with a
training regimen that maintains a young and functional body for many years to come.


For the past 5 years, Deroy Thomas has training clients that range in age from 12 to 85. He is
working hard to become one of the premier fitness professionals in the Berks County. While
attending The National Personal Training Institute, Delroy learned all the essentials of becoming
a successful trainer. He has also worked alongside of professional athletes such as local star
and former Philadelphia Eagle, Yardon Brantley. With his passion and desire to make his clients
as successful as can be, Delroy brings a breath of fresh air into the training industry by using
some of the newest and up to date techniques to help ensure that his clients see optimum
results, as well as implementing some of the key components that have been proven for
generations to be the building blocks and foundation of a sound exercise regimen that reaps
long term results. Delroy is also a certified nutritional consultant and offers sound nutritional
advice to his clients in need of nutritional guidance.Delroy started his own company, Phoenix
Fitness & Health, and his committed to helping those in need or want of change to better their
nutrition, fitness level and overall health. In the very near future, Delroy plans on working to
become certified in a number of other fields related to health and wellness, some of which include physical therapy and clinical nutrition. He also would like to, one day, become a teacher in an institution where he can essentially “train the trainers”.


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