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Look and Feel FIT through the holidays 2017
Personal Training

Group Exercise Class / Day Pass Rates

  • 1 Class - $10

Class description

All Classes are included with you membership unless noted. 

ABSESSION: Are you OBSESSED with your abs?  We hope so because this class will strengthen and harden up your mid-section. 

BOOTCAMP:  Experience some of the best and most effective exercises.  Just like in a military style boot camp class your coach will push you physically and mentally.  As much as a hard ass, as he comes across (that’s his job), there’s a gentle soul that wants to see you succeed.

CARDIO-CRAZE: This class will have your heart pumping with non-stop cardio.  You choose your cardio machine as your coach guides you through a workout that will have you sweating for more and more.  The intensity level of the class depends on you!

CORE AND CARDIO: “Core and Cardio” hits exactly what you read.  Your mid-section will be targeted as well as your heart during this ab and cardio exercise class.  Regardless of your fitness level, modifications are available.  The intensity level of the class depends on you!

DOWN UNDER: This class offers a modernistic approach by taking group exercise to a new level. Participants are exposed to a variety of new and different ways to improve aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

INFERNO: Time to ignite your inner workout flame and heat up the metabolism.  This sweat filled, station-to-station circuit- based workout will have you working harder than ever.  Everyone goes at their pace but it will be the workout of your life.  Battle Ropes, medicine Balls, kettlebells, Jump ropes, kickboxing bags, and slam balls, plyo boxes, spin bikes, dumbbells - all wrapped up into one.

RAPID CIRCUIT: Your metabolism will be out of control after this class.  Ashlee will take you through a circuit workout that you will love.  The class format, like all our classes change from week to week.  Get your gym on!

ROLL WITH IT:  Every week this will offer 12-18 exercises (class format/exercises change week to week - change is good for the body and doesn't get boring for the participants).  The roll of the dice will decide on what exercise is completed and for how long.  Just roll with it!

SPIN aka THE RIDE: This heart pumping indoor cycling workout experience will help boost your outdoor cycling performance or add a new element to your training routine.  Become a calorie burning machine with this upbeat and fun workout.

S.T.A.R.: Toning, Abs and Relaxation you get it all just like you deserve. Start with heart-pumping spin followed total body sculpting.  Add in some intense abdominal exercises and top it all off with a relaxing stretch segment for a total body workout.  Feel like a STAR.

THE CIRCUIT: This class is all about getting an awesome workout through multiple stations.  This class will test your strength, endurance, intensity, and overall fitness level.  BUT REMEMBER – your level of intensity as well as the resistance is up to you.  Get Your Gym On!

Workouts-ON-Demand aka W.O.D: Pick your own workout from our library of 400+ on-screen exercise classes.  Bring a friend or family member to join you in this fun, exciting and innovative program only at Down Under Fitness.

Classes are subject to change. Please call ahead to guarantee yourself for class. Minimum class participation is 4, otherwise classes can be canceled at instructors discretion. Please call ahead to confirm.


All classes are included with your membership